the art of now

Freezing time

I developed an interest in photography ever since i was a child. Running around in the forest with a very old rangefinder that i inherited of my grandfather, trying to capture nature as i experienced it. One day the camera broke down and i had no funds to buy another camera and i sort of forgot about photography.

The smartphone era had me rediscover photography and ever since i decided to follow this path. I started with landscape and animal photograpy, which i still do. I am self taught and i still use a rangefinder frequently because i love the colors and the fact that everything is manual. This really slows you down in all aspects of photography.

Most of my work is done outside using the light available.ย These are unique and one time only compositions that cannot be replicated.

Primarily i focus on animal portraits in natural light and landscape compositions in and outside of the Netherlands. Next to this i do studio portraits on assignment.

Portraitureย If you would like to have a beautiful portrait of yourself, or your pet, youโ€™re welcome to contact me at any time.